Why Landscaping Makes a Difference in the Short-term Rental Market

Your home’s value depends on several factors. You have little control over some of them, like size, sale prices of similar homes, and neighborhood features. Others — like landscaping — are easier to adjust. In fact, landscaping can boost your home’s value by an estimated 5.5 to 13% almost immediately.

Unlike other home improvement projects, landscaping work is less likely to go out of style or age poorly. In many cases, having mature landscaping (like privacy-providing trees and shrubbery) is a bonus that can boost property values by as much as 19%.

Landscaping is important whether you’re selling your home or planning to generate income in the short-term rental market. Outward appearances do count for something in real estate investing.

It’s All About Curb Appeal

In real estate, first impressions matter — sometimes more than you realize. When a potential buyer or renter pulls into the driveway, they immediately form an opinion about the property that directly influences their buying decision. Homes with positive curb appeal invite them to step inside and explore further.

Fortunately, improving curb appeal is fairly easy to do. Paint the exterior with a neutral shade. Trim the trees. Pull the weeds. Cut the grass. Hide the trash cans. You can transform the entire property in a weekend. The goal is to transform the outdoor spaces so potential buyers and renters — who are probably looking at your home through a website — see it and say, “I love this house!”

What Your Property’s Landscaping Says About You

Many homeowners spend hours arranging belongings and designing layouts, in some cases hiring a professional to assist with the interior design. They want their home to reflect their lifestyle and create a sanctuary where they and their guests feel comfortable.

That sentiment doesn’t apply only to your home’s interior. Your landscaping choices also say a lot about your personality and personal taste. If you plan to use your home as a short-term rental, be sure to show off your landscaping and outdoor spaces.

Lots of Social Spaces

Whether it’s an elaborate outdoor seating area, a fire pit in the backyard, or an outdoor bar, creating places for people to gather outdoors suggests you’re a social butterfly. You enjoy spending time with people and believe the more, the merrier. Chances are you also have a collection of outdoor games, such as cornhole or croquet.

Quiet Reflecting Gardens

The outdoors is an ideal spot to steal a few moments of solitude. That’s why you placed a single bench in the middle of a flower garden or installed a koi pond surrounded by seating. You’re perfectly fine with your own company and believe in the power of communing with nature to refresh your body and mind.

Perfectly Manicured Lawns and Hedges

You enjoy spending time outdoors making sure the hedges are perfectly lined up, and the grass never has a chance to grow awry, or you may hire someone to do this for you. In either case, you value organization and order. Everything in your home likely has a specific job, and you always know where to find what you need when you need it.

Natural Landscaping

Sticking with plants native to your area offers several benefits, including less maintenance and support for the local environment. If you’ve traded your palm trees for coast live oaks, you value environmentally friendly options and may believe your time is better spent enjoying your outdoor spaces instead of working in them.

Color Everywhere

From rows of flowers in every hue to vibrant accessories, your garden is a kaleidoscope. You may be a crafty type or a bold personality who takes risks as needed because minimalism is not your style. Your yard is like a piece of statement jewelry that you know catches everyone’s attention and draws them in for a closer look.

Great Landscaping and Effortless Ownership Can Go Hand-in-Hand

The team at OpenAiRE offers property management and interior design services that make effortless ownership possible. From design to booking and customer service, we take care of the details so you can spend your time with the people and activities that matter most to you.

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