OpenAiRE is an elevated boutique real estate brokerage based in West Hollywood, CA.  Following the success of our sister company Open Air Homes, we bring the same level of impeccable customer service and attention to detail that led us to success. 

We are always here to help our extensive network of clients buy and sell their homes, whether it’s an investment property or primary residence. 

Investment Property and Luxury Vacation Homes
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Why OpenAiRE?

OpenAiRE is committed to simplifying second-home ownership and making luxury home and vacation rental acquisition effortless.

OpenAiRE is dedicated to providing you with the best real estate acquisition, interior design, and property management services. We have spent countless hours developing our brand as one of the most trusted real estate brokerage firms in the Los Angeles and Palm Springs markets. Since our inception, we have helped countless of homeowners make the most of their investment with integrity and undying commitment. 

Second Home Ownership Is Now Effortless.

We have streamlined the process of buying and owning a second home, and maximizing your investment’s potential through our unique partnership with Open Air Homes.

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What’s the Value of Your Home?

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