What To Do in Palm Springs

If you’re a young professional thinking of going on vacation, Palm Springs should be one of your top picks. It is fun and laid back, making it the ideal place for a getaway. It also has the perfect blend of nature, culture, and sophistication.

Palm Springs has been a popular destination for many years and is known for its hotels, food, sunny weather, and natural hot springs. So, spending a vacation or weekend getaway in Palm Springs guarantees you some of the best experiences you’ll ever have.


When is the Best Time to Visit Palm Springs?

Palm Springs is a desert region, so the temperatures are relatively high, especially in the summer. The temperature typically varies from 45⁰F to 106⁰F and rarely falls below 38⁰F throughout the year. This means that the summers are arid and sweltering, and you should avoid planning your trip to Palm Springs during that time.

The winters, on the other hand, are cool and partly cloudy, making it the best time to visit Palm Springs.


Reasons Why You Should Visit Palm Springs

Vacations should be well thought out. They are likely the only chance you get to take a break from the world and just relax. Why should you vacation in palm springs?


1. The Food

Palm Springs has a unique and diverse culinary scene. The city has plenty of restaurants that offer great breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. For instance, you can enjoy Greek dishes at Koutouki or visit an American steakhouse with Mr Lyons. If you’re craving it, you’ll definitely get it in Palm Springs!


2. Art

Palm Springs is an ideal getaway for creatives and those who simply enjoy art. For starters, the Palm Springs Art Museum is a must-go destination if you enjoy diverse collections of arts. It features modern European and California art and several art pieces from the 19th century.

If you are a fan of live performances, you should visit the Annenberg Theater, where they hold dance, music, and theater performances. Palm Springs also has multiple galleries in the Backstreet Art District. You should also check out the Village Fest— an outdoor market for arts and crafts that happens on Thursdays.


3. The History

Much of Palm Springs’s glamor is due to the film industry in Hollywood’s earlier days. Film stars with exclusive film contracts had to be within a two-hour radius from Los Angeles and Palm Springs fit within those parameters. It, therefore, became an oasis for those actors who wanted to relax and get away from LA.

Some tours offer a glimpse of the homes of movie stars. For instance, the former residence of Frank Sinatra that Leonardo DiCaprio now owns is one of the most toured celebrity residences.

You can also find movie history in locations such as the Ingleside Inn, and planes dating back from World War two and beyond can be found in the Palm Springs Air Museum.


Top 10 Things To Do in Palm Springs

When visiting Palm Springs, you can either pack your schedule with different places to visit or relax and enjoy your time by the pool or at the spa. Some of the most popular tourist activities include cultural tours, private sightseeing tours, hiking trails, sightseeing, and luxury hotels.

If you’re still unsure of what to do, here are our top 10 picks on places you should visit in Palm Springs:


1. Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

The Aerial Tramway is the largest tramcar in the world, and it transports visitors up and down the San Jacinto Mountains that shadow the city. These mountains have snow-capped peaks, and most visitors enjoy getting to the summit to get a spectacular view of them. When you get to the top, you can choose to either hike, snowshoe, or ski.

For high levels of convenience, we recommend that you book the tram tickets online to avoid the long ticket queues. Tickets are around $25.95 for adults.


2. Palm Springs Art Museum

The Palm Springs Art Museum provides experiences that open you up to a whole new world. It houses impressive art collections, and some of the pieces you’ll find there include artworks by famous artists such as Andy Warhol and Marc Chagall. Former tourists have termed it as a cultural oasis filled with beautiful exhibits. It will take you an hour or two to view everything inside.

The Art Museum is open on Thursday from noon to 8p.m and Friday-Tuesday between 10a.m to 5. You should, however, note that the opening hours may change depending on the season. The charges are $12 per adult.


3. Indian Canyons

The Indian Canyons are 3; the Palm Canyon, Murray Canyon, and the Andreas Canyons. They all have hiking trails with breathtaking scenery and are of great historical importance to scientists and nature lovers.

These Canyons have a 3.6-mile long trail, so you should bring enough water with you and sunscreen because the temperatures often soar above 100⁰.


4. Coachella Valley Preserve

The Coachella Valley Preserve has hundreds of acres open for you to explore. They encompass the smaller Palm Oasis preserve found in the valley and blossom with wildflowers at different seasons.

This valley has 25 miles of trail, and you can join the preserve’s free guided hikes in October and March. It’s advisable to arrive early before the temperatures become unbearable.

The best part is that the preserve is free during all seasons. All they ask for is a small donation to sustain the preservation work. The gates are open between 7 a.m and 5 p.m.


5. Palm Springs International Banana Museum

You need to visit the International Banana Museum when in Palm Springs. It’s one of the most interesting places, and in this museum, you can see all kinds of exceptional items influenced by bananas. This includes banana-based records, socks, and perfume.

If you really love the color yellow, you’ll be thrilled by all the radiance surrounding you. The best part is that this museum also has items that are made of bananas. This includes unique banana recipes such as banana soda, banana shakes, and more.


6. Sparrows Lodge

Contrary to what you may think, Sparrows Lodge is, in fact, not meant for bird watching. It’s a luxurious yet vintage location that offers one of the best experiences and accommodation in Palm Springs. And as a guest at this hotel, you’ll get nothing but the best VIP experience.

Sparrows Lodge started off as the ritzy celebrity inn known as “Castle’s Red Barn” but has been revamped to give off modern, rustic vibes.  This hotel has so much intimacy and beauty to offer, and you’ll hardly miss looking at your phone and television.


7. The Living Desert

The Palm Springs’ living desert is a beautiful garden and zoo that specializes in educating guests on the importance of appreciating and preserving the deserts.

Palm Springs’ living desert has giraffes and ostriches roaming freely in scenic habitats, and it’s nothing short of breathtaking. You can even find animals from different areas such as Africa and North America.

You can either go for self-guided or shuttle tours. Gift shops and restaurants are also available on the property.


8. Palm Springs Air Museum

Palm Springs Air Museum has the most massive World War 2 aircraft and other war artifacts. It is an educational institution that is dedicated to restoring and preserving America’s bomber and fighter jets. For starters, it has 59 warplanes, most of which have been used in film sets.

Unlike other air museums, the planes are positioned throughout the museum. A tour of this museum will leave you more knowledgeable on planes and other air memorabilia that were used in World War II.


9. Palm Springs VillageFest

Festivals are fun, right? Now imagine how great a weekly festival would be. That is what the Palm Springs VillageFest offers. This festival brings people from all over the area for fun and art as well as vendors that sell cultural art pieces and antiques.

The Palm Springs VillageFest is held every Thursday, making it easy for you to plan your trip around it. Still not convinced? The amazing foods, art, and live music should be enough incentive to start your weekend visit earlier.


10. Moorten Botanical Garden

If you are looking for nature-related places to visit, Moorten Botanical Garden should be at the top of your list. This garden was opened in 1938 and has remained operational to date. It has an amazing plant variety from California and other locations packed into one acre including plants from areas like Guatemala.


Enjoy Your Vacation in Palm Springs!

Palm Springs is definitely a great place to vacation. However, hotel prices may be a bit high in Palm Springs, which is why it’s more economical to consider palm springs real estate for accommodation. You can either go for a vacation rental that offers accommodation for up to 28 days, or a homeshare short-term rental where the owner resides in the home throughout the vacation period.

Let us help you make your vacation amazing. Contact Open Air Homes today to help you book luxurious short-term rentals for your stay in Palm Springs!

And if you’ve fallen in love with the beauty of this desert getaway, our agents at OpenAiRE can help you purchase a vacation home.

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