Up-And-Coming Neighborhoods in Palm Springs

Located in Southern California’s Sonora Desert, Palm Springs is a small city of nearly 50,000 people. For decades, it has been host to stylish hotels, hot springs, and a multitude of luxury golf courses. Almost two million people visit Palm Springs for its accommodations, attractions, and sunshine — which means this city presents many opportunities for vacation rental investors.

Buying strategically is vital to building a productive investment property portfolio. Thankfully, Palm Springs has plenty of excellent neighborhoods to choose from. If you need some guidance, our team can give you the latest market insights on where to find the best real estate to use as a vacation rental investment. For starters, here are some examples of the up-and-coming neighborhoods of Palm Springs.

Lawrence Crossley

The area between Lawrence Street and Crossley Road pays homage to one of Palm Springs’s finest citizens: Lawrence Crossley. He was an ambitious developer and entrepreneur who did a lot of work in the city during the 1920s and beyond. Palm Springs wouldn’t be the same without him, as he developed the city’s first golf course. Today, the Lawrence Crossley neighborhood is known for its affordable housing, strong neighborhood association, and convenient access to some of Palm Springs’s premier golf courses. The area between the two thoroughfares continues to grow on the outskirts of the city, providing investors with more opportunities to grow their investment portfolio.

Araby Cove

Located in southeast Palm Springs, Araby Cove is a neighborhood filled with investment potential. This neighborhood’s Bohemian vibe attracts a lot of attention, as many visitors want a taste of the Cove’s magnificent views of the city and the desert. The area is quite exclusive, though — there are only around eight dozen homes that are ensconced in the hills that overlook Palm Springs proper. You’ll find a mix of 1920s cabins and modern homes that each offer something unique to the community’s laid-back and exclusive mood. If you can find an available property here, make an offer!

Demuth Park

This neighborhood is conveniently located near Palm Springs International Airport, which automatically makes it a logical hotspot for travelers. Demuth Park was originally established after the Second World War and has since grown to include a fair amount of new construction. There are perks to be found in both mid-century homes and their modern counterparts, so there is no bad choice here. Plus, guests get easy access to the community park, which boasts the largest park in Palm Springs, its stunning community center, and a 61-acre greenbelt with paths for walking and biking.

Racquet Club West

Established in 1979, Racquet Club West is a “newer” Palm Springs neighborhood that has seen some change. If you need luxury investment ideas, this is a great place to explore. Originally containing just mid-century bungalows, the area is now a mix of classic and modern-style homes. It’s located north of downtown, so its property potential is only set to increase as demand grows. Racquet Club West is a fantastic place for high-end visitors to take in the city’s fine restaurants and entertainment venues, so don’t skip out on this neighborhood during your property search.

Little Tuscany

This Italian-inspired neighborhood is one of Palm Springs’ older communities. It continues to integrate new builds, so it’s wise to check out what’s up and coming in this area. Established in 1934, Little Tuscany started as a neighborhood of Tuscan-style homes surrounded by rocky outcroppings. Today, it features a mix of mid-century homes and new constructions that overlook the valley and Palm Springs’ impressive wind turbines. If you need a rental with charm and character, you need to take a look at what’s available here.

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