Monetize Your Vacation Rental With Hospitality Design

When you own a vacation rental, it helps to have a hospitality mindset if you want to build business and maximize your return on your investment. In today’s competitive rental market, it is no longer enough to just provide the essentials. The modern renter is seeking out a true experience in your home beyond the bed, tv, and coffee maker.

Every moment of their stay in your rental connects them to your brand. Their experience there helps shape their opinions of you and your business. When you go above and beyond what they expect, you’re an integral part of the memories they’re making. You want to be a positive part of those memories.

Focusing on the Renter Experience

Give your guests the best possible experience during their stay, and they’ll return the favor through repeat bookings and positive reviews. Both of these actions directly affect your business and its bottom line. As you build your reputation for taking care of minor details and adding thoughtful touches, word gets out. You can increase nightly rates, increase revenue, and increase the occupancy rate. At OpenAiRE, we utilize our partnership with Open Air Homes to provide 24/7 guest services and management to ensure your guests have the best possible stay in your home.

The Power of Interior Design

The guest experience starts with interior design. We’re not talking about taking a few ideas from your favorite home improvement show. Hospitality design takes into consideration the different types of people who will use the space, what they need, and how to choose materials that survive continual use. It strikes a balance between comfort and durability.

Think about how you feel when you walk into a spa compared to the way you feel in a doctor’s office. The color, space, and light affect your mood instantly. Interior design for the guest experience transforms the way your guests feel. When you walk into a calming environment, you feel your stress levels lower and your body relax.

Interior design can be tricky and time-consuming when thinking about listing your vacation home. At OpenAiRE, we want to give you back your time, which is why we have our in-house designer set up an initial consultation to walk through your home. During these consultations, we will discuss simple design upgrades for your home with the modern renter in mind. We have seen time and time again how factoring in strong hospitality design has helped increase the rental rates of our clients.

Amenities to Set Your Home Apart

Take your design further by providing additional amenities to help renters feel at home. Think about your own experience as a traveler. What amenities did you appreciate? What made you feel at home?

If you’re not sure what your guests want, ask for suggestions. Pay attention to their feedback and the reviews they leave. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Beach towels and toys: Towels are bulky and take up a lot of valuable space in the suitcase. These items are easy for you to store and make it easier for your guest to enjoy the best feature of your beach house.
  • Bicycles: Traveling by bicycle is a great way for your guests to exercise and explore the local area without navigating the traffic. If your rental is in a location where parking is a premium, they won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot each time they leave.
  • Coffee maker with local coffee beans: It feels like vacation when you can leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee on the balcony or patio.
  • Home gym: Your guests may appreciate the ability to keep up with their regular routines when they’re on vacation or traveling for work. A few pieces of equipment, like a treadmill and weight machine, may be all you need.
  • Hypoallergenic laundry detergent: Who thinks to bring laundry detergent on vacation? Offer a hypoallergenic option for guests with sensitive skin. They’ll appreciate how much you cared.
  • Premium bed linens: A good night’s sleep is always important, but it’s an essential part of a vacation. Let your guests rest in luxury, and they’ll never forget the amazing experience of staying in your rental.
  • Remote workstation: A dedicated workspace with charging ports and equipment like a printer come in handy for guests who need a place to work on reports, record their vacation experience in a journal, or map out plans for the next day.
  • WiFi: Your guests may not have a data plan that works in your area (or at all). They’ll need access to the internet for researching the area, getting directions, and general entertainment. Be sure to leave the password for them.

Vacations are moments for making memories with loved ones, and a great rental is home base for all of the fun. Give your guests a reason to choose your rental over all the others in the area, so you get to keep being part of that magic.

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