Are We in a Real Estate Bubble?

With the surging home prices in the U.S., many people are wondering if there will be a housing bubble in the near future. Home prices rose in 99% of the 183 markets the National Association of Realtors tracked...
Investment Properties and Luxury Vacation Homes

Relocating to Los Angeles? Here Are the Questions You Should Be Asking

Whether you’re moving for a new job or a new way of life, relocating is a big decision. Southern California has plenty to offer — beaches, entertainment, excellent weather, and more. There’s no shortage of cultural experiences, diverse dining options, outdoor activities, and nightlife. Chances are that you already know that, or you wouldn’t be […]

Areas to Watch Around Los Angeles

With its sunny skies, mild weather, and scenic views, has long been the city of dreams. The vibrant city offers plenty of things to see and do as well as a range of job opportunities with rising wages. Investors are finding their own opportunities in the City of Angels. The median home price increased by […]

Real Estate Investing Education: 1031 Exchange

One of the great advantages of real estate investing is that most properties tend to appreciate over time, and you can sell them for more than you paid. With a short-term rental, you get the best of both worlds: passive income from guests who stay in your home and appreciation of the home’s overall value. […]

Key Indicators to Flip or Flop

Buying a home, renovating it, and selling it for profit looks like fun on TV where the entire process takes place in less than an hour. Flipping houses may not be as easy in the real world of real estate investing, but it can be profitable if you take your time and plan the project. […]

Up-And-Coming Neighborhoods in Palm Springs

Located in Southern California’s Sonora Desert, Palm Springs is a small city of nearly 50,000 people. For decades, it has been host to stylish hotels, hot springs, and a multitude of luxury golf courses. Almost two million people visit Palm Springs for its accommodations, attractions, and sunshine — which means this city presents many opportunities […]

How to Make Your Vacation Rental Home More Sustainable

According to a recent survey, 87% of travelers want to travel sustainably, which makes eco-friendliness an important feature of a luxury vacation rental. That’s why OpenAiRE, in collaboration with our property management team at Open Air Homes, has made significant improvements and enhancements to our rental homes over the past two years. By decreasing your […]

Short Term Rental Market: What to Expect in 2022

The 2021 real estate market was one for the record books. We watched in awe as home prices skyrocketed, bidding wars erupted, and buyers felt like they had a better chance of winning the lottery than getting their offer accepted. In the short-term market, homeowners entered the year hoping the end of local shutdowns would […]

How to Build a Great At-Home Gym

From hitting up a hot yoga studio to getting in a quick game of beach volleyball, the people of Southern California love working out. But is your home designed to accommodate that? If not, you’ll want to consider making room for a home gym. Now’s a better time than ever, as one poll found that […]

Monetize Your Vacation Rental With Hospitality Design

When you own a vacation rental, it helps to have a hospitality mindset if you want to build business and maximize your return on your investment. In today’s competitive rental market, it is no longer enough to just provide the essentials. The modern renter is seeking out a true experience in your home beyond the […]

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