The Definitive Guide to Choosing Where to Live in Los Angeles: OpenAiRE Special Edition

By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

With the allure of its sun-soaked boulevards, iconic landscapes, and the possibility of starry encounters, Los Angeles continues to be a beacon for many looking to carve out a space under its endless blue skies. From its rich cultural tapestry to the vibrant pulse of its streets, LA offers an extensive array of neighborhoods, each telling its own story. Whether you’re looking for a fast-paced urban lifestyle or a serene suburban oasis, Los Angeles has got you covered.

If you’re contemplating a property that can also serve as a profitable rental when you’re away, Venice Beach, Hollywood Hills, Laurel Canyon, Sherman Oaks, and Malibu have proven to be lucrative hotspots for our clients at OpenAiRE.

Let’s delve deeper into some of LA’s most sought-after neighborhoods:

1. Bel Air: The Pinnacle of Luxury

A serene neighborhood draped in opulence, Bel Air offers residents panoramic vistas from mega-mansions that seem to touch the sky. Think tranquility, spaciousness, and exclusivity.

Median Sale Price: $2,475,000

2. Brentwood: Relaxed Elegance

With its blend of luxury and leisure, Brentwood is an exquisite blend of outdoor activities and upscale living. From gourmet restaurants to the iconic Getty Center, the area is a haven for those who enjoy a cultured lifestyle.

Median Sale Price: $2,310,000

3. Downtown Los Angeles: The Heartbeat of LA

A dynamic mosaic of culture and modernity, Downtown LA resonates with vibrancy. Its rich tapestry of attractions, from the Museum of Contemporary Art to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, caters to those with a penchant for the arts and urban living.

Median Sale Price: $653,000

4. Hollywood: Where Dreams Take Flight

Synonymous with entertainment, Hollywood promises an effervescent life filled with glamour, history, and entertainment.

Median Sale Price: $740,000

5. Hollywood Hills: Elevated Living

Perched high above the city, the Hollywood Hills offer a tranquil retreat with panoramic views and the occasional celebrity neighbor. With its proximity to both nature trails and urban delights, it’s a perfect blend of city and serenity.

Median Sale Price: $1,550,000

6. Laurel Canyon: Bohemian Rhapsody

Rich in history and enveloped in nature, Laurel Canyon boasts of a legacy that intertwines music and serenity. The area’s Bohemian spirit is palpable amidst its scenic trails and historic homes.

Median Sale Price: $1,830,000

7. Mid-City: LA’s Cozy Corner

Perfect for those yearning for suburban vibes with urban conveniences, Mid-City offers a diverse cultural experience right in the heart of LA.

Median Sale Price: $1,500,000

8. North Hollywood (NoHo): A Creative Soul’s Playground

A hub for artists and performers, NoHo buzzes with cultural vibrancy. With its theaters, galleries, and the iconic NoHo Arts District, it’s a paradise for the creatively inclined.

Median Sale Price: $800,000

9. Santa Monica: Coastal Bliss

Blending beach vibes with urban sophistication, Santa Monica’s pristine shores, iconic pier, and cultural hubs offer a dynamic living experience.

Median Sale Price: $1,700,000

10. Sherman Oaks: Suburban Allure

Offering a harmonious blend of city conveniences and scenic beauty, Sherman Oaks is popular among families and young professionals.

Median Sale Price: $1,300,000

11. Venice: Boho Beachside Living

Venice stands as a testament to Southern California’s laid-back charm. With the iconic boardwalk, trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard, and eclectic arts scene, it truly is a blend of beach vibes and Bohemian spirit.

Median Sale Price: $2,160,000

12. West Hollywood (WeHo): An Energetic Enclave

WeHo is a pulsating mix of nightlife, art, and culture. From the renowned Sunset Strip to its colorful arts scene, it’s a hotspot for those seeking vivacity.

Median Sale Price: $820,000


In the sprawling beauty of Los Angeles, every neighborhood has its unique melody. When considering your next home or potential investment property, let OpenAiRE guide you towards making the best decision tailored to your aspirations. Welcome to LA – where dreams intertwine with reality.