Buying a Home with Built-In Investment Opportunity: Unpacking California’s New ADU Law for Los Angeles

By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage   OpenAiRE is excited to dive into the revolutionary development in California’s real estate sector: the opportunity to buy and sell Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as condominiums. With this transformative change, homeownership in Los Angeles and across the state gets a fresh, innovative boost.    Understanding ADUs […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying A Short-Term Rental Property – With OpenAiRE Brokerage + Open Air Homes

By Brad Greiner, CEO of OpenAiRE Brokerage and Open Air Homes   Investing in short-term rentals is an intriguing and potentially profitable venture, especially if you are considering purchasing a second home. However, navigating this real estate terrain requires expertise, foresight, and comprehensive support.   In a recent Forbes article, they lay out the practical steps to […]

The Definitive Guide to Buying A Short Term Rental in Los Angeles

By Brad Greiner, CEO of OpenAiRE Brokerage and Open Air Homes   Across the United States, the housing market is facing the effects of rising interest rates pushing mortgage rates up. As borrowing becomes more expensive, the demand for houses reduces due to decreased affordability. Even still, the Los Angeles housing market has proven to be […]
Investment Property Management

Vacation Homes Are the New Starter Homes for Millennials

By Brad Greiner, CEO of OpenAiRE Brokerage and Open Air Homes   For most people, living rent-free and mortgage-free is the dream, and it’s not hard to see why. Total freedom cannot be achieved when renting. And, they want to live without the fear of having their lease renewal denied or the landlord raising the rent. The beauty […]

Why Invest in Luxury Real Estate?

By Brad Greiner, CEO of OpenAiRE Brokerage and Open Air Homes   The concept of investing in short-term luxury rentals has been gaining momentum recently, and it’s not hard to see why. Almost all investors want to own a beautiful home overlooking the city or desertscape. Additionally, the economy has been growing, and the private accommodation sector, in […]

Best Places to Buy a Vacation Rental Property in California

The Sunshine State has something to offer everyone. The question is, where is the best place to invest in a vacation rental home? Here are a few neighborhoods that continue to provide incredible returns for our homeowner partners. Beach Cities Newport Beach Estimated # of Active Short Term Rentals: 1,071 Average Daily Rate: $441 Average […]

Pros and Cons of Investing in Vacation Rental Properties

Short-term and extended stay rentals (over 30 days) have exploded in popularity in the last year in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This increase came from people feeling trapped within their own homes because of the quarantine mandates and workers’ increasing ability to work from home. For example, rural hosts are seeing huge surges […]

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