Leveraging Synergies: Why OpenAiRE Brokerage and Open Air Homes Property Management Make the Perfect Partnership

By Brad Greiner, CEO of OpenAiRE Brokerage and Open Air Homes


Two Brands, One Open Air Vision

In a market where adaptability and innovation are key, OpenAiRE Brokerage and Open Air Homes stand out with a combined approach that maximizes opportunities and value for our real estate agents and existing clients. These two separate companies, united under the Open Air brand, form a unique collaboration that transcends conventional real estate practices. Here’s how this partnership creates a win-win situation for both agents and clients:

The Open Air Homes Advantage


  •  Maintaining Relationships with Homeowners

Open Air Homes specializes in managing luxurious short-term and medium-term rentals. Often, homeowners that initially opt for renting their properties through Open Air Homes decide to sell. Having a sister company under the Open Air brand, OpenAiRE creates a seamless transition. This close relationship increases the likelihood that homeowners will continue to work with us when they decide to sell, facilitating transactions that are both efficient and trustworthy.

  •  Connecting with Prospective Buyers

Being in the luxury property management business, Open Air Homes hosts numerous guests interested in exploring the local real estate market. Many of these guests are potential buyers, and our Open Air Homes team is often the first local contact they meet. 

Our commitment to offering flexible check-out policies and medium-term rentals provides guests with the opportunity to explore different communities, paving the way for a personalized home-buying experience.  And we often refer business over to our agents on the OpenAiRE side when a guest is in the market. 

  •  Creating Revenue Opportunities for Agents

The current market, characterized by high-interest rates, has led some homeowners to opt for renting until conditions improve. OpenAiRE agents can introduce these homeowners to Open Air Homes for property management, maintaining the relationship until the homeowner is ready to sell. 

This not only keeps the connection warm but also enables our agents to earn bonuses for the referral. At a time when sales may be down, this collaboration offers an additional revenue stream.

  •  Successfully Bridging Rentals and Sales

One of the proven success stories within our partnership is the smooth transition from rental to sale. At Open Air Homes, we have often referred homeowners to our expert real estate agents at OpenAiRE, leading to successful property sales. What sets this collaboration apart is the ability to maintain rentals during the sales process. 

If the sale takes longer than expected, especially in the current market conditions, the homeowner continues to earn revenue through rentals. This dual approach not only maximizes income for the homeowner but also provides flexibility and assurance, demonstrating our commitment to serving our clients’ best interests.

  •  Expanding Opportunities through Long-Term Rentals

Our synergistic collaboration doesn’t stop at sales. Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE also recognize the demand for long-term rentals. Many of our guests express interest in leasing long-term, and for real estate agents specializing in or interested in rentals, this opens yet another avenue for commission generation. We aim to provide a diverse range of services to cater to the varying needs of our clients, and this includes facilitating long-term rental arrangements. 

Whether it’s short-term, medium-term, or long-term, our comprehensive approach ensures that we can respond to market demands efficiently, fostering relationships that lead to satisfied clients and successful transactions.

These additions further emphasize the innovative and holistic approach that OpenAiRE and Open Air Homes take in their collaboration, providing real estate agents with multiple paths to success and ensuring client satisfaction across all areas of real estate.

  •  Building Opportunities Together

OpenAiRE and Open Air Homes function not just as separate entities but as part of a cohesive and mutually beneficial ecosystem. The larger the brand grows, the more opportunities it creates for our OpenAiRE agents to meet guests, homeowners, and clients looking to build their real estate portfolios. Our brand represents more than real estate transactions; it’s about building relationships, trust, and a community that thrives on excellence and client satisfaction.  

Handing over the keys to a property management company is a big leap of faith for homeowners, and we take the building and maintaining of this relationship with great pride.



A Forward-Thinking Partnership

The synergy between OpenAiRE and Open Air Homes represents a significant advancement in the real estate industry. By integrating luxury property management and real estate brokerage under one brand, in two separate entities, we’re not only diversifying our service offerings but also creating a network of opportunities for growth and success. 

Whether it’s connecting guests with the perfect neighborhood, helping homeowners navigate the rental or sale process, or offering agents a multifaceted career path, this partnership amplifies our reach and impact. Together, we’re reshaping the future of real estate, one connection at a time. Join us on this exciting journey!