Allan Williams

Real Estate Agent

Allan Williams fell in love with real estate while practicing in New York City. Now a Los Angeles transplant, Allan is thrilled to bring his talents to the LA market and connect clients with the homes they love, and more importantly deserve! Allan believes that real estate is so much more than simply buying a home; it’s about telling a story, a story about the future where buyers actualize both their dream home and their best, happiest, and healthiest selves!
Before joining OpenAiRE, Allan had 10 years of experience in the finance, advertising, and entertainment industries. Merging his diverse background with his love of Los Angeles homes, Allan is dedicated to providing his clients an exciting and easeful home buying experience.
During his free time, Allan loves to dance salsa, practice Muay Thai, game, travel, model, act, and binge watch the hottest new shows.
P.S. Want a show recommendation? Doom Patrol on HBO Max!

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